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Blogging Without A Net March 25, 2007

Posted by Beth in General.


Filed by Lisa Jarvis & Beth Halford

Ladies and gentlemen, chemists of all ages, welcome to C&EN’s blog from the 2007 ACS Spring Meeting in Chicago. This is the 233rd time that the American Chemical Society has conferred, and it’s the third time we have run a blog from the meeting.

We kept things pretty close to the vest in our maiden ACS meeting blog: no comments from readers and a pretty elaborate editorial process. The next time around, we added moderated comments.

This time, we’re flying without a net.

Our moderator, C&EN Online Assistant Managing Editor Rachel Pepling—that’s her on the trapeze—is about to have her first child. It’s big leap for all of us—for her as a first-time mother and for us as nascent bloggers posting without her vigilant eye. That means we’re open for comments (play nice, please), and we’re hoping to create an interactive forum with people who are at the meeting and those who are just interested in chemistry.

We do have a safety line—our meticulous Deputy Editor-in-Chief Maureen Rouhi and one of our tireless production editors, Kimberly Dunham, are keeping tabs on the site—making sure there are no dangling participles and checking in on the comments section.

We will make mistakes, but that’s just the nature of blogging.

Regardless of any glitches, we’re going to do our best to give those of you who couldn’t make it here (and maybe some of you who could) a flavor for what this meeting—in all its glory—is like.

We’ve got a lot of ideas for the blog this time, but our best ideas always come from you. So if there’s something you want to see, send a tip to b_halford (at) acs (dot) org.



1. Rachelpep - March 27, 2007

I feel compelled to add a disclaimer: I was not pregnant during my stint with the trapeze.

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