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And Baby Makes Three March 26, 2007

Posted by Kimberly in General.


Filed by Linda Wang

I bumped into Craig and Mary Anne Teague, whom C&EN featured last May in an article on dual-chemist couples who found happiness, job satisfaction, and work/life balance (C&EN, May 8, 2006, page 35). I’m happy to report that, in September, they had a baby daughter named Megan.

When I spotted Craig yesterday morning at the McCormick Place Convention Center, it was clear he had his hands full. Balancing six-month-old Megan in a sling around his shoulders, he tried to reach into his bag and get out the program book. It wasn’t easy, and it was clear that Megan also wanted a piece of that program book.

Craig said he and Mary Anne have had to prioritize the sessions they want to attend during the meeting and take turns with the baby. It’s a lot of negotiating and trying to make the best decisions possible. Asked whether he might try to sneak Megan into one of the oral sessions, Craig said he will try.

Both Craig and Mary Anne have scaled back their teaching load this year at Cornell College and other universities but expect to get back to their normal loads by the next academic year. They know there are many challenges ahead in balancing career and family, but they are even happier now that there are three.



1. Brett - May 6, 2008

is this Craig Teague from Clayton, Missouri?

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