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Keeping It Green March 26, 2007

Posted by Beth in General.

Filed by Linda Wang

green-kids-op.jpgOne of the best ways to learn chemistry is to teach it to others. I saw this firsthand when I visited the Notebaert Nature Museum, where hundreds of elementary and middle school kids from all over the city had gathered to take part in ACS’s community outreach project, “Chemistry in Action: It’s Easy Being Green.”

I wanted to blog about all the cool hands-on experiments there on recycling, solar power, clean water, and clean air, but something else caught my attention: The volunteers helping to explain the chemistry behind the experiments were all students from ACS’s college student affiliate groups and high school chemistry clubs.

bubble.jpgIt was great to see an older student explain how something works to a much younger student and see both leave with a sense of accomplishment.

One student from the University of Puerto Rico convinced me to do one of the experiments. I had to separate three types of recycled plastics in an alcohol and water mixturethat’s what they’re doing in that top picture. The experiment worked, and I learned something I did not know about recycling.

Here are some of the student affiliate volunteers from Central Michigan University with ACS President Katie Hunt:





1. Anne T. O'Brien - March 26, 2007

Bravo to President Katie Hunt, and to the Student Affiliates who joined in helping children, and us all…

realize how we and chemistry can help “benefit(ting) the Earth and its people” (ACS Mission).

More and more, we are focusing on our responsibility to the Earth…

2. Green Living - May 27, 2009

Have a look

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3. Formula 7 - August 11, 2010

Hello, site author. Thank you sharing this very beautiful.

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