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Adventures In Liveblogging March 27, 2007

Posted by Beth in General.


Filed by Rudy Baum and Beth Halford

Rudy and I are liveblogging. The signature event at the C&EN booth in Chicago on Tuesday is an appearance by George Whitesides. Stay tuned.

This year’s Priestley Medal winner is signing copies of the March 26 issue of C&EN. George is on the cover, and his Priestley Medal address and a profile of him are the cover stories.

Click “more” to see photos.

The biggest moment so far came when Yagang Zhang, an organic chemistry graduate student at University of South Carolina, asked George to autograph his shirt. “That’s a first!” George said as he signed. “I’ll never wash this shirt,” Yagang replied. I spoke to Yagang a few minutes later. “George will win the Nobel Prize soon,” Yagang predicted.



The line of people seeking to have their issue of C&EN signed by George is about 20 people long, as it has been since George arrived at 12:30 PM.



BLOGGER-IN-CHIEF Rudy Baum hard at work.
Thanks to Paul from Chembark for the tip on Nutter Butters®



1. Maureen Rouhi - March 27, 2007

Beth and Rudy, do you think we can ask George to post some thoughts?

2. Paul - March 27, 2007

I wonder if Mr. Zhang has a collection of dress shirts ruined by eminent scientists.

3. Paul - March 27, 2007

Upon closer inspection of that third photo, are those NUTTER BUTTERS?

4. Beth - March 27, 2007

Indeed. C&EN wanted to make Professor Whitesides feel comfortable while he was bringing so many chemists to our booth. FYI, he also likes coffee with milk.

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