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Taking It To The Streets March 27, 2007

Posted by Beth in General.


A group of high school students in Chicago for the conference shops on Michigan Ave. Anyone know who these proud chemistry lovers are? We’re impressed with their early affinity for science.

Filed by Lisa Jarvis



1. Maureen Rouhi - March 27, 2007

Some people think we should get youth interested in science way earlier than high school, ideally in elementary. But we’ll attract them every which way. Nice shot.

What I really like is the message — What in the world isn’t chemistry? Makes me think how absurd it is for products to be claiming to contain no chemicals.

2. Paul - March 27, 2007

It’s good to see that these two young women are not afraid to express their love of chemistry.

3. WyOWhy - March 27, 2007

There’s only one girl in that pic, Paul. Dude looks like a lady?

4. Paul - March 27, 2007

I thought the one with the red umbrella looked a little masculine.

5. Kalikanath Awa - April 1, 2007

Nice green chemistry

6. Go Cards! - April 2, 2007

Hi! Im in this shot! We are wearing our University of Louisville SUCS (“Society of Undergraduate Chemistry Students”) t-shirts. Had a lot of fun in Chicago… thanks ACS!

7. Larval Chemist - April 2, 2007

Haha. I had just flipped through my new C&E News and came across this lovely picture. To my astonishment, I realized that was ME (on the right). How very odd to see yourself randomly in a national magazine. I’m a Junior chem major at the University of Louisville so a little old for high school i do believe. And Paul, You might need to get your glasses checked there buddy…great blog by the way.

8. Paul - April 2, 2007

For the record, I was making teh funnay.

9. lisa - April 3, 2007

Totally my fault on the high school bit Larval Chemist– Apparently I am aging myself in my inability to tell when someone’s a college student! For the record, I did actually try to stop you guys to get a quote, but someohow I lost you in the crowd on Michigan Ave.!

10. Larval Chemist - April 3, 2007

It is impressive that you lost us…there were 5 people wearing the shirt. Then again, there certainly were many times that number just wondering around the streets.

11. kadınca - August 20, 2010

A beautiful condition. I’m interested as well.

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